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Customized Solutions

Modeling exclusively in SolidWorks, we can design and build, or modify a standard design to create a customized solution to your specific needs.
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Proven Pre-Engineered Solutions

We have many pre-engineered solutions and partners to accommodate your automation needs.
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Line Integration

When you need expert System Design, Project Management, and Integration for your project, we have the expertise to makes sure it's done right.

We can help you SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE

We offer turnkey solutions built to specifically meet your needs using our proven integration systems.
We also offer customized solutions for your unique challenge.
Our expert team can help you figure out which option may be best for you. 


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We offer the right equipment.

No matter the goal of your project, we can find or create an equipment solution with conveyor integration that will work for your automation goals. We have access to a huge variety of equipment - and we make sure your whole system works together seamlessly.


We have the right process. 

Performance hinges on your project being executed well, with the right equipment and expertise applied. Our proven turnkey process helps us lead you through the project, start to finish, and avoid pitfalls.

Value added

We offer the right value-added services.

We help you to identify the issue you're facing with your automation system, and we have the capability and resources to handle any surprises that arise in your project. From design to start-up, we're here for you.




Our employees are our owners. The harder we work, the more success we see for our clients, and the more success we see for ourselves. We're proud to grow our employee numbers and our happy client numbers by applying innovative ideas, top-notch customer service, critical thinking, and unique solutions. 


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Our Culture is Progressive and Dynamic

We’re employee-owned, so we always push ourselves to come up with more creative solutions that can help our clients even more. We have experiences in many industries gained over more than 30 years in business, and we never stop learning.

Dynamic people come up with dynamic ideas, and dynamic ideas fuel dynamic growth. Our team members are dynamic idea-generators, and we love our work.


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Your staff is very professional and knowledgeable, and your workmanship is top notch. It is very impressive the way you… are able to take concepts and incorporate them into working systems that comply with the stringent USDA sanitary construction regulations.

Phillip C. Jones, Hatfield Quality Meats


It has always been my philosophy that doing things “the right way” will pay off in the end. You and your team exemplify that ideal on a daily basis so I am happy to be a small part of your success in this industry.

Ian M Gregg, Product Manager, Surfacing and Finishing - Satisloh North America


They have always shown a professionalism, and attention to details, specifications, planning, and an adherence to schedules that has been exemplary.

George B. Hobbib, Exide Corp.


I cannot thank you and your staff enough. Chuck MacGregor has been extremely customer focused throughout this entire process and I am very impressed obviously with the attitude of yourself, and your staff for making Sods La Crosse such a priority.

John Barry, Soderberg Operations - Walman Optical

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