Eddie Santiago: A Staple Member of the NCC Family, Who Lives and Breathes the Core Values of the Company

Posted by Kevin Mauger | Jun 16, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Eddie Santiago is our Featured Employee Spotlight this month. Eddie has been a staple and star employee for NCC Automated Systems for 30 years! He is an Assembly Lead Technician and plays a vital role in the department. Eddie explained that he is honored to be apart of such a great company and proud to have established a career with NCC. 


Eddie CircleChris Hyland, Eddie’s manager at NCC Automated Systems described how “he has a contagious, positive attitude that is coupled with a calm demeanor. Eddie is a pleasure to work with on the floor and is always ready with a helping hand. Eddie lives and breathes our core values and has been a mentor to many and a friend to all.” Kevin Mauger, President of NCC Automated Systems adds that "there are certain people in your life with whom you meet, have an immediate connection with, and simply bond.  Your relationship with these people makes it feel like you and he (or she) have a relationship that is better than most.  Eddie has the unique ability to do this with almost everybody in his life.  He makes you feel good, he makes you feel loved, and you know he is a friend for life."  


Throughout his journey at NCC, Eddie enjoys the everyday challenges that the job presents. Eddie is especially proud of two recent projects in particular that he has worked on. One being Double H; this was a big project that he took the lead on. Once the machine was built, it needed a lot of modifications. Eddie helped design some assemblies and weldments that led the way to a very successful system.  Eddie said he “enjoys seeing a project like Double H being completed and our customer leaving with a smile.” 


The second project Eddie played a key role in was Conagra. This consisted of 8 custom conveyors and a Carton Loader assembly. The Carton Loader has a lot going on in a small space and Eddie did “an awesome job with the mechanical build,” supervisor Chris Hyland said. Eddie also helped coordinate the electrical and controls work on the system that is now shipping efficiently. 


Eddie says “NCC is the best company to work for.” He is proud to work for a company that believes in the end goal to be the best in the industry which matches his career goals.  NCC has been a huge part of his life and he wouldn’t trade his experience for anything. He explains his sense of loyalty to the company.  Eddie, from your entire NCC family, we appreciate your dedication, reliability and energy that you bring to the shop floor every day! 


Eddie CircleWhen Eddie is not working, he enjoys spending time with family. He has a 102-year old grandma that still walks and enjoys life! Eddie also has a passion for making things out of wood and recycled material, like for example, he knows how to turn an old cigar box into a working guitar! Eddie enjoys fishing and spending time in the kitchen cooking. Another passion he has is music, Eddie says he would like to learn how to play the violin in the future. Here at NCC, we are proud to have such a hardworking and interesting gentlemen on our team. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years have in store for Eddie both personally and professionally. 

Our Employee Spotlight Series celebrates our phenomenal employees at Glide-Line, highlighting one person and their contributions to our team. Read the rest of the series here.


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Written by Kevin Mauger

As President, Kevin Mauger leads new business growth and product development strategy to help customers increase profitability. NCC offers business units that provide product handling and integration solutions to a variety of industries including food, packaging, assembly automation and optical labs. Mauger started his career with NCC days after his college graduation in 1994 in the Applications Engineering department. In 2006, he purchased the company, instilled a new philosophy and has grown the company six-times over since. His vision for NCC is to create a positive and inspiring culture for both employees and customers. Mauger is a life-long Pennsylvanian. His childhood home was in Chalfont, PA and he graduated from Central Bucks High School West and attended University of Delaware. He currently resides in Lower Gwynedd, PA with his wife Danielle. He has three children: Kyle (28), Madison (25) and Kelsey (19).

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