Automate Weight in Food Packing
and Ready-To-Eat Meals

Achieve up to 50% labor savings and less than 2% overpack when upgrading manual food packing lines with MARCO 

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We Weigh. You Win.

New Customers of MARCO expect significant improvement in at least one major food packing metric.

But are pleasantly surprised when they achieve all three of these!

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It's How we Roll...

HP - Green LightGreen Light is Right!

MARCO packing line light bars guide operators to add product, remove product, or green light a perfect pack when the precise product weight is added or taken away.

HP - SuperSeelectAutomate the Weight.

With MARCO Super SelectMaster, operators just load product into each weigh-lane, then the machine combines the perfect pack every time.

HP - TracPack it and TRAC-IT.

MARCO TRAC-IT software traces and reports all product through the line for recipe management, weight compliance, operator and line metrics, and labeling requirements.

Control Measure Improve

Whether processing fresh produce in the field, assembling ready-to-eat meals, or portioning meats and poultry, MARCO provides the ideal tools to measure, control, and radically improve your food packing operation.


We develop integrated productivity management solutions for food manufacturing companies that need to increase yield, reduce giveaway, and gain full traceability across the manual packing and production operation.

With a combination of durable equipment and traceable software solutions, manufacturers that handle, process, and package fresh produce, Ready-To-Eat (RTE) meals, convenience foods, meat, poultry, or seafood can minimize waste and maximize process efficiency. We can help you reduce labor dependency and optimize yield by uncovering the root causes of your unaccountable losses.

The guided visual interfaces built into MARCO’s equipment modules help deskill operator tasks and automatically validate compliance weights, portioning, and labeling requirements. 

MARCO North America assists food processors and manufacturers, farmers, and growers to prevent under-packing and eliminate direct giveaway with complete traceability for all operations from raw material intake to the final takeoff of consumer-ready products.


M Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce Automation

Deploy integrated line equipment to reduce manual packing operations, validate pre-filled product weights, divert any containers to a corrective station to maintain quality and efficiently automate end of line case packing solutions.  Reduce postharvest loss and improve packhouse productivity by more than 30% with our flexible equipment and software solutions for fruits and vegetables.

M RTE Foods

RTE and Convenience Food Processing

Utilize durable and sanitary conveyors with portion control stations with Nema 4X (IP65/IP66) rated equipment to reduce the downtime required for sanitation, allowing for quicker changeovers when packaging different food products.  Improve your operational efficiency and deskill manual processes with tailored, traceable solutions for ready-to-eat meals and convenience foods.

M Meat Poultry

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Production

Increase production speed and portion control with efficient processing, combination weighing and packaging solutions that ensure compliance with the latest requirements of the USDA and FDA food safety regulations.  Control and measure each step of your operation from goods received, to raw material management through packaging and shipping with complete traceability.  This allows you to record and optimize each operation and employee that interacts with the product.

M Formulation

Formulation Factory Solutions

Achieve precise ingredient mixing and de-skill batch-making operations with automated formulation equipment that provides full traceability and the ability to recalculate formulations to prevent spoiled batches when necessary.  These solutions also ensure operator compliance and safety.



In this eBook, we provide manufacturers with a checklist of questions to ask when evaluating current operations against potential improvements available with MARCO’s productivity solutions.

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Our equipment and software solutions work hand in hand to allow you to reach peak operational efficiency.



MARCO Equipment


MARCO North America develops tailored solutions for all types of handling, portioning, and packaging environments in food processing operations. Our equipment is rugged and reliable allowing you to optimize yield and understand unaccountable losses.  These equipment solutions de-skill and reduce manual operations while enabling easy product changeover allowing for less dependence on labor.     

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MARCO SOftware


Gain control of your entire processing and packaging operation with traceable software solutions that assist with yield control, quality assurance, material management, safety, and compliance standards for every product that enters and exits your facility.  Reduce senescence and ensure each product meets the saleable weight requirements without exceeding that weight before leaving the production line.  MARCO has the ability to link directly with 3rd party software enabling data to be viewable in a central portal.  


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MARCO Evolution Strawberries

Take the MARCO Challenge

 In 30-seconds, calculate the significant savings your food packing line could achieve by integrating MARCO weigh-packing technology.


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Trust the Productivity Improvement Experts with Your Food Processing Automation Requirements

MARCO line monitoring software provides complete packaging line intelligence that enables more packing output per hour with up to 50% labor savings by reducing skilled labor requirements on your production line, ultimately allowing more packs sold to improve your bottom line.

To see how we can help improve your productivity and reduce waste, get in touch and we’ll help you evaluate your current operation’s giveaway percentages and the potential savings.



MARCO North America is a sales and service division of MARCO based in the UK

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