Conveyor Systems & Integration for Optical Labs

Lens manufacturers for eyeglasses and sunglasses depend on NCCAS in their optical labs worldwide. Our ophthalmic automation systems and the value-added services we provide as part of our proven turnkey process promote efficiency, save space, and improve OEE for optical labs across North America and around the globe. 

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NCCAS has been in business for more than 30 years. Our team focused on optical lab automation systems is no different, and works to bring the latest technology to each of our optical lab customers to help our customers improve product control, efficiency, and throughput. Our devices are evolving to be faster, smaller, and more cost-effective for our partners as well.

NCCAS: The Experts in Optical Lab Automation Systems

We assist our optical lab clients with designing the right automation process for their needs and goals, then engineering the right equipment for their automation process. While we go to market through Satisloh, our partner in optical lab automation, our open platform can support integration with any lens processing equipment solution.  If we don’t see one that works for your exact needs, we will design and build it ourselves to ensure you are pleased with the results.

NCCAS assists optical labs with:

  • conveyor systems integration
  • installation
  • testing
  • commissioning
Our specialized conveyors and equipment are built to help optical labs control their product and improve OEE using the latest technology. We see the project through to the end to ensure that goal is met.

With more than 15 years’ experience focusing on improving performance in both new and existing optical labs, NCCAS has the knowledge, foresight, and project planning ability to take on your optical labs project, no matter the size.


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Why Choose NCCAS for Your Optical Lab Automation System

NCCAS has dedicated itself to the optical market in North America and beyond and is a preferred provider for many major optical labs around the world. Our open platform that can easily be integrated with any equipment on the market, and we truly specialize in ophthalmic automation. Whether our optical lab clients have an existing line that needs replacement conveyors and controls, or needs an entirely new lab designed, procured and commissioned, we’re able to assist.


Our proven process keeps the guesswork out of your timeline and your budget. The steps we take help avoid the pitfalls many face when engineering a new optical lab automation line. Here’s how we help:

  • EQUIPMENT SPECIALIZED FOR OPTICAL LABS: We have the largest "toolbox" of optical tray handling solutions in the industry, including our own Glide-Line brand that is the world's quietest optical conveyor. All our equipment is specially designed for use in optical labs.

  • SATISLOH PARTNERSHIP: We've completed over 500 jobs with a number of ophthalmic labs during our fifteen years of partnership with Satisloh. Our conveyor systems are compatible with the Satisloh Lab 4.0 MES platform or the Lab’s LMS for tray routing.  The conveyor system can also be easily upgraded to function with the MES after start-up.
  • PRECISION CONTROL: NCCAS's proven software system is specifically designed for routing optical trays in a controlled and precise way. 

  • FAST INSTALLATION: Since we build, wire, debug, and test prior to shipment, we can install and start-up your optical lab's automation system in record time.

  • MINIMIZE DOWNTIME: We have the trained staff available to service a breakdown and can immediately courier parts to your optical lab if needed to minimize downtime.

  • EXPERT OPERATOR TRAINING: We train your operators and maintenance staff to know what they need to do to recover quickly. 

It has always been my philosophy that doing things “the right way” will pay off in the end. You and your team exemplify that ideal on a daily basis so I am happy to be a small part of your success in this industry.Ian M Gregg, Product Manager, Surfacing and Finishing - Satisloh North America

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Allied Labs

The NCC installers in our lab were worth their weight in gold. They were extremely helpful. They went out of their way to explain things on the conveyors that we had to install.

John Burgess, Owner


It has always been my philosophy that doing things “the right way” will pay off in the end. You and your team exemplify that ideal on a daily basis so I am happy to be a small part of your success in this industry.

Ian M Gregg, Product Manager - Surfacing and Finishing

Soderberg Operations

I cannot thank you and your staff enough. Chuck MacGregor has been extremely customer focused throughout this entire process and I am very impressed obviously with the attitude of yourself, and your staff for making Sods La Crosse such a priority. Thanks for your partnership!

John Barry, Soderberg Operations

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