Conveyor Systems for Consumer Packaged Goods

In our more than thirty years of business, NCCAS has provided turnkey conveyor systems for consumer packaged goods producers in all industries. We provide both sanitary and non-sanitary conveyor systems, and we help CPGs plan, evaluate, and design solutions for their automation processes.

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The NCCAS team is well-versed in CPG and food manufacturing processes and principles and helps clients with overall line design, integration, and execution. Our services range from offering a simple conveyor to a turnkey packaging line. We offer both sanitary and non-sanitary conveyor systems. Whether you need assistance identifying options for a new system or help to reboot a current line, our team can help.




Why CPGs Choose NCCAS

Consumer packaged goods producers don’t have time to waste training a vendor who is new to their industry. That’s not an issue with NCCAS. Our experience speaks for itself.

  • INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: We have experience across a multitude of industries, giving us exposure to new ideas, innovations, and industry knowledge we can apply across other industries and processes.

  • LINE INTEGRATION: We’re experienced with integrating lines.

  • WORLD-CLASS OEE: We’re experienced with optimizing line performance delivering world-class OEE. Because we’re doing turnkey packaging lines, we will guarantee the OEE on that line!
  • TURNKEY PROCESS: Our turnkey process incorporates our knowledge of:

    • Controls engineering and integration

    • Optimized system engineering and layouts

    • Equipment design and manufacturing for environmental concerns

    • Shop FAT Testing and validation procedures

    • Installation and training

    • Commissioning, qualification, and validation

Our team is trained to think about “what happens when…” and “what if we could…” – and this gives us a critical advantage we put to work for our clients. We understand what needs to happen between two systems to optimize the line production and positively affect Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). When our clients measure the performance of their line, we’re looking at the same measurement to guarantee it’s an efficient system.


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Packaging We Work With

We’re experienced with primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging, and we have experience in all packaging formats, such as:

    • Flexible Primary Packaging (Bags, Pouches, Wrapped products)

    • Rigid Primary Packaging (cartons, trays, tubs, jars)

    • Corrugated Cases, Trays, and Wrapped Shippers

    • Plastic Trays and Totes

    • Pallets, Gaylord Containers, Super sacks

Industries We’ve Worked With

Our team has worked with many industries across the CPG landscape, including:

  • Frozen Prepared Meals & Foods

  • Ready-to-Eat products

  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood items

  • Bakery Items (rolls, breads, crusts, muffins, cookies, and more)

  • Fresh Food Products in Trays

  • Bagged products (snacks, salads, coffee, confectionary, and more)

  • Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical, & Personal Care Products (pill handling, inspection stations, fill stations, accumulators, and more)

These are just a few of the industries we’ve handled in automation projects. Our wide breadth of knowledge gained allows us to apply what we learn to other industries, sharing innovations, ideas, and efficiencies with other CPG producers. This is knowledge our clients may not otherwise have gained.


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Why Choose NCCAS for Your CPG Automation System

Our proven process accurately maintains your timeline and your budget. We’ve perfected our process to design, manufacture and implement a new consumer packaged goods automation line. Here’s how we help:

  • Fast Conveyor System Deployment: We can deploy turnkey automation systems at a faster rate. We build, wire, debug, test, and get it out the door faster thanks to our efficient process.

  • Minimize Downtime: We have the trained staff available to service a breakdown or immediately courier parts to your factory in the event of a failure.

  • Recover Quickly: We train your operators and maintenance staff to quickly get your conveyors and machinery back online.

  • Agile Solutions: We’re a truly agile company. We come up with solutions and execute those solutions faster than our competition.

  • Thorough, Detailed Proposals: Our customers have confidence in our abilities because we describe the entire system thoroughly ahead of time. Not only that, but our proposal is easy to understand, on-time, and clearly budgeted for our customers. They know can expect the same from the equipment we install.


We’re a project-oriented integrator and we’re very experienced - so our process is well-defined. It’s been validated to be successful. We’re repeating and executing a repeatable, known, and dependable formula. That’s why CPGs choose to rely on our experience, expertise, and positive reputation.


I know I speak for the entire team here at Unilever then I say thank you for a job well done!

Scott A. BilkeyEIM Leader / Ameribars HSL Project Lead - Unilever HPC

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Systems & Equipment Commonly Used by Consumer Packaged Goods Producers


Primary Packaging Systems


Secondary Packaging Systems


Tertiary Packaging Systems


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Check out our SANITARY and NON-SANITARY options


Case Study: Hershey

Hershey Manager of Packaging Systems Engineering, Scott Fedor, talks about how NCC Automated Systems is a dependable partner they trust to integrate their packaging lines and automation equipment.


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Abbot Laboratories

The total installation from start to finish took less than three weeks, which included training for the operations people, this was a remarkable accomplishment and I congratulate the fine people at NCC.

Carmine R. Sarno, Ross Products Division


I know I speak for the entire team here at Unilever then I say thank you for a job well done!

Scott A. Bilkey, EIM Leader / Ameribars HSL Project Lead

We are proud to offer Turnkey Systems for Food Producers.  Check out our full library now.

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