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In 30-seconds, calculate the significant savings your food packing line could achieve by integrating MARCO weigh-packing technology.

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MARCO Equipment


MARCO North America develops tailored solutions for all types of handling, portioning, and packaging environments in food processing operations. Our equipment is rugged and reliable allowing you to optimize yield and understand unaccountable losses.  These equipment solutions de-skill and reduce manual operations while enabling easy product changeover allowing for less dependence on labor.     


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MARCO SOftware


Gain control of your entire processing and packaging operation with traceable software solutions that assist with yield control, quality assurance, material management, safety, and compliance standards for every product that enters and exits your facility.  Reduce senescence and ensure each product meets the saleable weight requirements without exceeding that weight before leaving the production line.  MARCO has the ability to link directly with 3rd party software enabling data to be viewable in a central portal.  


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Trust the Productivity Improvement Experts with Your Food Processing Automation Requirements

MARCO North America provides complete operational traceability that delivers 30% productivity improvement and reduces waste to less than 2.5%. We offer end-to-end, modular hardware systems for food processing operations with integrated software control solutions.

To see how we can help improve your productivity and reduce waste, get in touch  and we’ll help you evaluate your current operation’s giveaway percentages and the potential savings.