Why NCC: Our Senior Leadership Team

There are two aspects that make our team at NCC incredibly unique. First, we are employee-owned; each of our employees is an owner and takes tremendous personal pride in his or her work. And second, the work we do is innovative and solves real problems. We’re invested in this company and want to see it succeed by helping our customers solve challenges every day.

Our Leadership Team

Each of our leaders is passionate about mentoring and coaching the future starts and leaders of NCC. They’re working toward the same goals as the employees they lead. This single-mindedness is one of the reasons our team is so successful. Read more about our leadership team below.


Jasoasn Link - BIOJason Link

Jason Link is the General Manager at NCC Automated Systems. After starting his career as an engineer for industrial pumps and compressors, he moved into the automation industry in 2009 when he started at NCC. As a leader at NCC, he enjoys the variety of challenges he helps people solve, and it keeps him constantly engaged with his work. He’s especially adept at melding the strategies and goals of the business with the demands and challenges of engineering for a successful project. Outside of work, Jason practices and teaches Shinmei Shorin Ryu karate to children and adults.



Kevin Maugeraug - BIOKevin Mauger

Kevin Mauger started working for NCC the day after graduating from college and bought the company 12 years into his career. The company has grown roughly 600% since. In 2017, a dream came true, where in a Surprise Announcement to the company, he gave almost half of his company to the employees. His vision for NCC is to support the entrepreneurial spirit of his team and realizes his purpose is to create the perfect environment to do so. Personally, his life is centers around spending time with his family, figuring out a way to get out deep sea fishing, and supporting his Philadelphia Eagles.


Steve SummerSteve Summer

Steve Summer is the Controller of NCC Automated Systems, Inc. (NCC) and Glide-Line. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the finance and administrative departments of both entities. He is nearing 11 years of service with the company since moving from Mississippi to Pennsylvania in 2007. What he likes most about working at NCC is the culture of meeting daily challenges with teamwork, hard work and a sprinkle of humor. Personally, Steve is an avid golfer and guitar player. He cherishes spending time with his family traveling, camping and hosting backyard cookouts.


Nicole Tamburino - BIONicole Tamburino

Nicole Tamburino is NCC’s Operations Manager. She facilitates interdepartmental cooperation while ensuring all departments perform as expected, with high attention to quality and efficiency. She has been with the company since 2012 and finds both the company and her work incredibly rewarding because of the hard-working, driven, passionate people surrounding her. She works to inspire, support, coach and servant lead her fellow team members. Personally, she spends time with her family hiking, fishing, kayaking, shooting, biking and exploring the great outdoors, living life to its fullest.


Marty ZonaMarty Zona

Marty Zona is the Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Manager for NCC Automated Systems. He oversees the department leads for mechanical engineering, fabrication, standard assembly and system assembly. Using his 25 years of industry experience, Marty enjoys influencing and mentoring future company leaders while collaborating on innovative solutions for custom engineered projects. Personally, he enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing, with his family. He also enjoys cooking healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.


We’re Proud to be Employee-Owned

When employees are the owners, it’s simple to work hard and see success from our efforts. The more successful our clients are because of our innovation, critical thinking, and creativity, the more successful we are in our business. That’s why our President, Kevin Mauger, gave the company to employees. We’re incredibly proud of the challenges we solve and the work that we do, and it shows that it pays off when we hear from our happy clients.

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