NCC’s start in 1986 was in the food business when we began to build custom designed sanitary stainless steel conveyors for the local meat and poultry industry. We are experts in washdown duty, stainless steel conveyors suitable for use in food manufacturing. We represent major manufacturers and manufacture our own line of standard equipment as well as offer custom design build services.

In addition, our Sales Engineers are well versed in general food manufacturing processes and principles and can help you with overall line design, integration and execution. Our services range from offering a simple conveyor to a turnkey packaging line.

Bakery and Snacks

  • Cooling conveyor
  • Spiral infeeds / outfeeds
  • Tight radius transfers
  • Stackers / Destackers
  • Alignment systems
  • Combining systems
  • Plastic, metal, poly belt conveyors
  • Retracting nose laners
  • Accumulation system
  • Powered face plows
  • Pack stations
  • Case conveyor
  • Palletizing systems
  • Large experience in Pizza Systems
  • Description of NCC past Pizza Projects

Candy & Confectionary

  • Rework conveyors
  • Bar lines
  • Bar distribution systems
  • Packing stations
  • Carton conveyor
  • Tray conveyor
  • Case conveyor


  • Bag conveyors
  • Bag settling conveyors
  • Carton conveyors
  • Case conveyors
  • Case packing equipment
  • Case forming equipment
  • Case sealing equipment
  • Palletizing
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Stretch wrapping

Meat & Poultry

  • Sanitary conveyor
  • Plastic belt conveyor
  • Thermodrive conveyor
  • Washdown duty conveyor
  • Pack stations
  • Slicing tables

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Sanitary conveyor
  • Trim lines
  • Bag conveyors
  • Make up stations
  • Case packing conveyors
  • Cull conveyors

Frozen Prepared Meals

  • Filling lines
  • Topping lines
  • Carton conveyors
  • Checkweighers
  • X-ray systems
  • Diverters
  • Sortation devices
  • Case conveyor
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Palletizing systeems

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