Why 65 Owners are Better Than One

Why 65 Owners are Better Than One

Posted by Kevin Mauger | Jul 18, 2018 11:35:13 AM

You may have heard this one before: “I want employees to act like they own the company.” It’s a business maxim that sounds great in theory, but how do you actually get employees to shift to that mindset? Kevin Mauger, president of integrator and manufacturer NCC Automated Systems, has a simple answer: Just make the employees the owners… READ MORE

Control Design summarizes the latest big news to hit NCC with this story on the owner, Kevin Mauger, giving 42% of the company’s value to the employees. Not an easy or quick decision to make, Digital Managing Editor Christopher Palafox gives a behind the scenes look at the company, the owner, and the outcome.

Read the article on Control Design’s website here.

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Written by Kevin Mauger

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