Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors from NCCAS

Stainless steel conveyors are made for washdown conditions in manufacturing facilities using stainless steel and other materials highly resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion. These conveyors are also designed to minimize crevices where water or chemicals can accumulate. Our team of experts can help you find the right stainless steel pallet conveyor for your exact requirements, with no compromises.


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Benefits of Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors from NCCAS:

ConfigurableChoose the belt medium, number of strands, configuration, and footprint of stainless steel pallet conveyors from NCC to suit your exact space and transportation needs.

Washdown CompatibleWhether you need truly sanitary designs for raw or unwrapped foods, or washdown-compatible for wrapped and packaged foods, conveyors for washdown and sanitary applications are typically made of stainless steel and plastic components to avoid rust and the contamination it can cause.

COMPLEMENTARY SOLUTIONSWe can provide design, engineering, conveyors, controls, plus programming, installation, commissioning, and start-up of the new system in the facility.

A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Using Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors in Washdown Applications - mock eBook

A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Using Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors in Washdown Applications 

Food requires special sanitation methods throughout the manufacturing process, posing special challenges for the conveyors that move them. In this ebook, we’ll learn when you may be able to use a stainless steel pallet conveyor to meet challenges in your facility.

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Industries using an NCC Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyor:

Industry Icons - Packaging
Industry Icons - food processing
Industry Icons - food packaging
Industry Icons - Co pacing
Industry Icons - pharmaceutical

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Take a Look at Our Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems:

Why Choose NCC for Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems:

  • Sanitary design experts
  • Built-to-order conveyors, bespoke to your system
  • Turnkey systems

NCC Automated Systems has over 30 years of experience building conveyors for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries where cleanliness is a necessity. Our food industry expertise means we understand the need for easy-to-clean and washdown-compatible solutions, with zero margin for error. We can design built-to-order conveyors that fit perfectly with your existing system, or design an entire, turnkey system that complements the rest of your solutions.

Even with tight deadlines, we stand behind our promise to deliver a system that meets your expectations. We guarantee performance and don’t receive payment until this is satisfied. And with our experience across many different industries and our strong relationships with a diverse set of vendors, we can incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into our designs and your solution.

Hershey Case Study

Case Study: Hershey

Hershey Manager of Packaging Systems Engineering, Scott Fedor, talks about how NCC Automated Systems is a dependable partner they trust to integrate their packaging lines and automation equipment.


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