Sales Manager


NCC Automated Systems has a Leadership opportunity on our core business Sales and Applications team.  We are looking for a charismatic, driven team builder with a technical background who has the ability to grow a wide variety of business activities and customers in our Core business unit here at NCC. 


NCC is a 34-year-old integrator and manufacturer in the material handling industry with a high focus in the food and food packaging environment.  The majority of the core business at NCC focuses on Turnkey Systems inclusive of a combination of pre-engineered or customized conveyor solutions with controls and installation services.  We also design and build complete packaging lines, develop custom solutions, and sell engineering contracts as the need arises.  We are vertically integrated with sheet metal capabilities, full machine shop, welding, control panel building, wiring, and a modern, clean facility designed for full FAT’s. 


This is a strong and stable portion of our business.  We are looking for steady, calculated growth in the business unit.    It is one thing to grow the business, but harder to grow it “well” in a controlled manner corresponding to the company needs, resources and alignment with our core strengths.  This issue is created by our solution diversity – which is both a strength and a challenge; this is the Achilles heel of the integration business.  However, we know this, we understand it, and we know how to manage it.   


From a cultural perspective and how we run our business, NCC is an extremely unique company.  First, we are driven by the 5 following core values:

  1. It takes a Village – we are here for each other
  2. We are Warriors – we fight until we make it happen
  3. Life is Short – we choose to have a positive attitude and have fun
  4. We are Brave – we try new things and strive to be great
  5. OwnIt – we embrace responsibility because we are all owners

People that fit those core values love working at NCC (recently selected as one of The Philadelphia Inquirers Top Businesses to work) and the culture is truly unmatched. 


We are also an Employee Owned Company. What does that mean?  It means that employees accumulate shares in the company over time.   The value of the shares, dependent upon the value of the company, goes into each employee’s account and accumulates over time.  This is done by an ERISA regulated retirement plan called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  The best part of being an ESOP is that it drives an Ownership Culture, as every employee has a long-term stake in the outcome.    Visit to learn more about ESOPs.


To help support the Ownership Culture, we have also developed a completely financially transparent company.  Every single person in the company has a number and a visible contribution to our profitability and reports on it weekly.  Through this program, employees can see how we are doing on both a short-term basis (where we share in the gains over our plan quarterly) and long term through the ESOP.  Visit to learn more. 


To further move the needle and create complete alignment and transparency, we are ardent devotees of the EOS operating system that shares the company vision in a simple, concise manner and helps organize our business activities into laser focused priorities as well as gives all employees a platform to raise issues and collaborate solutions.  In 2019, we raised 1,963 “issues” and solved 88% of them. We also completed 118 Rocks (these are 90 days goals that align with our 1-year goals and biggest challenges or opportunities). 


To summarize the key drivers of our business:

  • Our Value Driven Culture
  • Our Ownership Culture
  • Our Transparency
  • Our Alignment and Laser Focus

By doing this, we have created an unbelievably powerful force of motivated employees, who are all driven to make the company better every day.  This is a key factor in our collective goal to grow the company to $100m in 10 years.  This may sound counter to the growth strategy (managed growth) above, but it is not, and is best explained in person. In short, we have several business units in play and plan to develop more. 


The bottom line is that we have a team of highly motivated individuals but need some key driving forces in key areas of our business to get to the next level.  Leadership in our Core business in the Sales and Apps department is a key piece of the puzzle.   


Key Roles for this position

  • Leading and managing the sales and application team (7 direct reports)
  • Sales strategy
  • Key relationship and opportunity support
  • Hitting the numbers

Key Result Areas for this position

  • High customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Quality layouts, proposals, and estimates produced by team
  • Quality hand-offs to Execution Teams
  • Sales Forecast and reports are accurate and up to date
  • Ability to support NCC sales growth goals and objectives
  • Alignment and focus of the sales team


If you are interested to apply:

Either upload your resume through the Apply Now section on the top right of this page or send an email with resume to Resume Submittal for Sales Manager and also complete a 5-6 minute behavioral assessment for this position.

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