Product Development Engineer


Are you a product development engineer with experience in sanitary conveyor system design and modular plastic belting?

Do you have an entrepreneurial and creative mindset?   

Are you interested in becoming part of an early stage ESOP with a short and long-term stake in the outcome, completely financial transparency, and a strong Ownership Culture?


We are starting a new division and brand in our 33 year old company and looking for top design talent.  


This is a chance to be part of something great!  You will be one of the first 100% dedicated employees hired for our Delta Unit #3.


You will be complemented with a team of talented and dedicated NCC staff to support the development of the product line. Supporting team members will be added along the way, but it starts with product development. 


Key roles – these are the primary responsibilities and key result areas.

  • Design and development
  • Design testing
  • Design documentation
  • Costing development tools and validation
  • Quality guidelines

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Sanitary Conveyors design experience in the food industry
  • Plastic modular or metal belt conveyors
  • Solidworks
  • Perform mathematical calculations for sizing components such as motors, gearboxes, bearings, chain drives, structural materials, etc.
  • 10 years minimum modular or metal belt conveyor design experience

Ideal Experience:

  • Startup environments (while NCC is by no means a startup, the business unit will be and entrepreneurial experience will greatly support)
  • Independent
  • Strategic thinker – big ideas
  • Thrives on challenge
  • Sense of urgency – driven
  • Spiral conveyors, accumulation systems
  • Engineered to order business background
  • Solidworks PDM
  • Leading a team
  • 15+ years modular or metal belt conveyor design experience
  • Product development experience (as in product line, vs engineer to order experience)
  • Creative thinking to configure systems and components around existing equipment and interfaces properly with upstream/downstream equipment


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