Mechanical Designer


If you enjoy working with a team people to overcome challenges and win then you will enjoy working at NCC. We are looking for smart people with matching values to become part of the team. We are growing and need more great people who want to work hard to build something worthy that will stand he test of time.

NCC is a 34-year-old company that provides integrated solutions for food and consumer products manufacturers. Most of the core business at NCC focuses on Turnkey Systems consisting of pre-engineered and/or customized conveyor solutions with controls and installation services.  We also design and build complete packaging lines, develop custom conveyance solutions, and provide engineering services.  We are vertically integrated with manufacturing capabilities, welding, control panel building, wiring, and a modern, clean facility designed for full FAT’s.  This is a strong and stable business with steady calculated growth.

We are a unique company with an extremely strong culture and sense of ownership. The following 5 values drive all of us every day in all our decisions and actions.


  1. It takes a Village – we are here for each other
  2. We are Warriors – we fight until we make it happen
  3. Life is Short – we choose to have a positive attitude and have fun
  4. We are Brave – we try new things and strive to be great
  5. OwnIt – we embrace responsibility because we are all owners


People that fit those core values love working at NCC (recently selected as one of The Philadelphia Inquirers Top Businesses to work) and the culture is truly unmatched. 

We are also an Employee Owned Company. What does that mean?  It means that employees accumulate shares in the company over time in a program called an ESOP.  Employees accumulate shares in the company over time. When e company does well and the share go up, the employees share in that reward. The best part of being an ESOP is that it drives an Ownership Culture, as every employee has a long-term stake in the outcome. Visit to learn more about ESOPs.

To help support the Ownership Culture, we have also developed a completely financially transparent company.  Every single person in the company has a number and a visible contribution to our profitability and reports on it weekly.  Through this program, employees can see how we are doing on both a short-term basis (where we share in the gains over our plan quarterly) and long term through the ESOP.  Visit to learn more. 

This is a salary position with benefits, health insurance, paid vacation, ESOP, bonus program, and 401K.


Why is this position important?

It is important that the Mechanical Engineering department consists of great talent, culture, and technological innovation to ensure quality products are being released to the manufacturing department.

The Mechanical Designer will be working in a team environment with Project Management, Engineers and Designers in which they will collaborate to develop concepts and designs as well as leveraging standards to reduce time and force consistency within the department.

The Mechanical Designer will Utilize SolidWorks as the primary design software as well as PDM for data management. The designer will also interface with an ERP system to release parts and assemblies into the system. The Mechanical Designer must perform necessary mathematical calculation to determine material sizes and speed calculations to properly specify components.

Adherence to the project design specifications as well as standard best practice to deliver a finished product that meets the client's requirements must be considered on all projects. The Mechanical Designer will review all designs with the lead designer prior to release to ensure accuracy and all specifications are met.

The creation of detail and assembly drawings to communicate all dimensional and technical information will allow the manufacturing department to produce the necessary components of the assembly/system.

It is very important to realize that in a Project driven company, we run into unexpected technical challenges, changes in schedule and sometimes scope, that will require extreme flexibility, teamwork and creativity to help solve challenges as they develop.

In this role, being creative, detail oriented, a strong communicator with attention to details are necessary characteristics. Having the ability to push through challenges with confidence are necessary characteristics for success. This position can have significant impact on the future of our success since engineering is a critical part of the project process.

This position reports to the Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Manager with support from the Lead Designer.


Job Responsibilities

  1. Works with project team consisting of a Project Manager, Project Engineer, Design Engineer(s), and others to understand system requirements and develop workable designs from conception to completion
  2. Reviews budgeted engineering time prior to design execution and notifies project management
  3. Ability to work independently
  4. Collaborates with Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Manager on all designs to foster consistent designs and follow good manufacturing practices Mechanical Designer Job Description Mechanical Designer Job Description 2 November 1, 2017
  5. Perform mathematical calculations for sizing components such as motors, gearboxes, bearings, chain drives, structural materials, etc.
  6. Researches and defines specific purchased components to be used in the equipment
  7. Creates and checks drawings to be used in the project. These can include but are not limited to: detail, assembly, weldment, installation, and modification drawings
  8. Reviews drawings for manufacturing or purchasing prior to release to communicate the intended scope and purpose of the equipment 
  9. Provides assistance to the manufacturing department with concepts, prints, or troubleshooting of designs
  10. Travel to jobsites when required to gather information, see existing equipment or process, troubleshoot, or assist with equipment commissioning
  11. Provide support for customer via phone, email, or web as required to troubleshoot designs and equipment
  12. Openly and consistently communicates with Engineering, sales, and project management about current projects, due dates, progress, and upcoming tasks


Key Result Areas for this position

  • High quality designs and part drawings that are released to manufacturing.
  • Budgets are adhered to, or better.
  • Ease of mechanical assembly on the shop floor
  • Continuous improvement projects while working on concurrent projects
  • A positive team based culture exists in the department overall.


Skill Requirements

  • SolidWorks 3D Modeling
  • Drafting standard
  • Mechanical design fundamentals
  • Excellent verbal and written communications
  • Software: MS Office, 2D CAD


If you are interested to apply:

Either upload your resume through the Apply Now section on the top right of this page or send an email with resume to Resume Submittal for Mechanical Designer and also complete a 5-6 minute behavioral assessment for this position.

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