Manager, Project Management


Why NCC?

NCC Automated Systems has an opportunity in our Project Management. We are looking for a quick, experienced, driven professional with a strong background in procurement.

If you enjoy working with a team people to overcome challenges and win then you will enjoy working at NCC. We are looking for smart people with matching values to become part of the team. We are growing and need more great people who want to work hard to build something worthy that will stand the test of time.

NCC is a 35-year-old company that provides integrated solutions for food and consumer products manufacturers. Most of the core business at NCC focuses on Turnkey Systems consisting of pre-engineered and/or customized conveyor solutions with controls and installation services.  We also design and build complete packaging lines, develop custom conveyance solutions, and provide engineering services.  We are vertically integrated with manufacturing capabilities, welding, control panel building, wiring, and a modern, clean facility designed for full FAT’s.  This is a strong and stable business with steady calculated growth.

We are a unique company with an extremely strong culture and sense of ownership. The following 5 values drive all of us every day in all our decisions and actions.

  1. It takes a Village – we are here for each other
  2. We are Warriors – we fight until we make it happen
  3. Life is Short – we choose to have a positive attitude and have fun
  4. We are Brave – we try new things and strive to be great
  5. OwnIt – we embrace responsibility and take pride in all we do

People that fit those core values love working at NCC (recently selected as one of The Philadelphia Inquirers Top Businesses to work) and the culture is truly unmatched.

We have developed a completely financially transparent company. Every single person in the company has a number and a visible contribution to our profitability and reports on it weekly. Through this program, employees can see how we are doing on both a short-term basis (where we share in the gains over our plan quarterly). Visit this site to learn more.


Why is This Position Important?

It is important that our Project Team is a well-coordinated group working towards the same goal – to execute our projects on time and within budget. The Manager, Project Management Organization (Manager, PMO) is responsible for all project related operations, which includes the following:

  • Establish, implement, and enforce best practices to guide execution of projects
  • Oversee and direct all activities involving the Project Management Team, including standards and the System Engineering process
  • Provide leadership and guidance to team with active coaching and career development activities
  • Provide support to Delta Teams as required
  • Coordination of Core Project Installation & Commissioning efforts

Having a strong player in this role is critical as you will act as the “Voice of the Projects” to the management team. In this role dynamic leadership, organization, inspiration and diligence are very important characteristics. This role will have the opportunity to shape our project-centric culture and will work to continually improve our overall performance in project execution.

This position reports directly to the Director, Sales & Engineering of NCC Automated Systems.


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provide supervision and leadership to the Project Management team.
  2. Lead, manage and hold project management team accountable.
  3. Coordinate and monitor project schedules to ensure proper resource allocation and utilization that is in line with project projected spend and required timelines.
  4. Regularly assess the team resource pool. Advise with financial justification, when necessary to recruit additional resources, subcontract to external resources, or when terminations are necessary.
  5. Establish and maintain regular communications with Project Team. Resolve interpersonal and operational issues as they arise.
  6. Prevent in advance, or if necessary resolve Customer or technical issues related to project scope and project expectations, as they arise. Escalate if required.
  7. Maintain knowledge of all active projects in your team. This may include attending project meetings (Launch, Alignment Meetings) as necessary to clearly understand the scope, schedule, budget and performance requirements. Balance managing your projects while staying aware and providing leadership to all projects your team is working on.
  8. Provide annual employee reviews and make recommendations for salary adjustments. Establish goals for each team member and monitor throughout the year to ensure that goals are being achieved.
  9. Develop an onboarding program to get new hires indoctrinated into the NCC Culture and the performance aspects of their position, including learning the expectations required so that they can function effectively. Oversee training necessary to bring current employees up to speed with standard policies, processes, and procedures.
  10. Develop, implement, enforce, and maintain standard processes and procedures.
  11. Actively participate in the strategic planning process under the direction of Management – manage and track initiatives and KPI’s.
  12. Utilize problem solving skills and/or creativity to remove roadblocks and ensure projects hit critical milestones, identifying problems before they occur.
  13. Oversee and support team with financial forecasting and planning efforts for GGOB. Monitor budgeted vs actual costs.
  14. Foster pro-active collaboration between Project teams and Manufacturing Operations on project communication, handoffs, and execution.
  15. Encourages a continuous improvement culture inclusive of encouraging training and / or further education to maintain a high skillset within this team.
  16. Support communications between Operational Leaders and Project Managers, as need arises, regarding project status, risks, or issues.
  17. Implement and maintain EOS management tools by conducting regular L10 meetings, 1:1’s, using the people analyzer, and other tools as necessary.
  18. Define and maintain daily visual management tools to meet Organizational and Project needs.


Key Accountabilities:

  • High employee performance, satisfaction, and retention.
  • Streamlined project execution process that is well documented, tracked and duplicated on each project.
  • Resources are well scheduled with high utilization of internal resources.
  • Alignment between actual and estimated project hours.
  • Your management actions contributing to the growth and profitability of NCC.


To Apply

If you would like to apply, please email a resume through the Apply Now section at the top right or send an email with resume to Resume Submittal for Manager, Project Management.