Fabrication Team Leader

The Fabrication Team Leader will be the primary point person on the floor leading our team of fabrication staff and vendors to produce parts and weldments on budget, at acceptable quality
standards, and on schedule.

The Fabrication Team Leader is key to ensuring we have a positive working environment for our Fabrication Team as well as other people within the organization with whom they interact.

In this role, being organized, detail oriented, a strong communicator with attention to detail are necessary characteristics. This position can have significant positive impact on the future of our success.
  • Create and maintain the fabrication department schedule
  • Decide make/buy on parts released to fabrication
  • Ensure manufacturing team is following good manufacturing practices
  • Collaborate with other departments to make sure projects stay on schedule
  • Maintain a positive attitude in the team and with vendors
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Ensure all fabrication equipment is in good working order
  • Researches fabrication technologies and trends to stay ahead in the industry
  • Encourage a continuous improvement culture in the department

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