Electrical Technician


If you enjoy working with a team of people to overcome challenges and win then you will enjoy working at NCC. We are looking for smart people with matching values to become part of the team. We are growing and need more great people who want to work hard to build something worthy that will stand he test of time.

NCC is a 34-year-old company that provides integrated solutions for food and consumer products manufacturers. Most of the core business at NCC focuses on Turnkey Systems consisting of pre-engineered and/or customized conveyor solutions with controls and installation services.  We also design and build complete packaging lines, develop custom conveyance solutions, and provide engineering services.  We are vertically integrated with manufacturing capabilities, welding, control panel building, wiring, and a modern, clean facility designed for full FAT’s.  This is a strong and stable business with steady calculated growth.

We are a unique company with an extremely strong culture and sense of ownership. The following 5 values drive all of us every day in all our decisions and actions.


  1. It takes a Village – we are here for each other
  2. We are Warriors – we fight until we make it happen
  3. Life is Short – we choose to have a positive attitude and have fun
  4. We are Brave – we try new things and strive to be great
  5. OwnIt – we embrace responsibility and take pride in all we do


People that fit those core values love working at NCC (recently selected as one of The Philadelphia Inquirers Top Businesses to work) and the culture is truly unmatched. 


Job Summary

It is important that our Manufacturing Team has good people willing to work hard in a team environment.

The Electrical Technician is responsible for producing high quality work in products and systems that our customers have asked us to build for them.  Producing solutions that work well for our customers keep them coming back with more business.

We are counting on the Electrical Technician to keep work on schedule.   This will allow our team to make our commitments to our customers while giving the next processes downstream adequate time to do their jobs.

The Electrical Technician needs to have open communication to the foremen, team leaders, and managers about work status and due dates. Accurate and timely information allow us to manage a dynamic and fast paced business to make sure we meet all our commitments.

The electrical Technician will often be out at a customer’s facility performing the installation step of our products and systems. Our team members need to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner not just in the shop with other team members but also with customers and vendors. You are the face of NCC and people will remember that after you have left.

It is very important to realize that in a Project driven company, we run into unexpected technical challenges, changes in schedule and sometimes scope, that will require extreme flexibility, teamwork and creativity to help solve challenges as they develop.

This position reports to the Electrical Shop Foreman and Controls Engineering Manager


Duties and Job Responsibilities

  • The electrical technician is responsible for any preparation, assembly, and testing of products or projects that NCC builds to fulfill orders.
  • Electrical work includes but is not limited to: panel wiring, power wiring, system wiring, I/O wiring, and troubleshooting.
  • Perform work and produce accurate results in the budgeted timeframe.
  • Communicates with foreman, engineer, or manager to understand requirements and expectations of any given assignment.
  • Communicates with foreman, team leader, or manager to resolve any issues that impact the timing or quality of a product.
  • Travel to customers site and perform installation of NCC supplied equipment.
  • Follow good manufacturing practices for safety and ergonomics.
  • Keep individual work area and overall clean and neat.
  • Maintain a positive attitude at work and in customers facilities.
  • Share ideas with foreman or manager to improve processes in production.
  • Attend to building or machine maintenance tasks as assigned by Foreman or Manufacturing Manager.
  • Documents any changes made during manufacturing to provide feedback to engineering.
  • Keep tools in proper working order.


Key Result Areas

  • High quality electrical assemblies and system assemblies are completed.
  • Due dates are met.
  • Effort is within budget.


Required skills

  • Knowledge of basic electrical wiring (DC & AC)
  • Comprehension of electrical wiring schematics
  • Excellent verbal and written communications
  • Computer operation
  • Software: MS Office


Physical Requiremnts

Body Movements – the amount of time spent performing each physical requirement

Occasional: 1/3 or less

Frequent: 1/3 to 2/3

Continuous: 2/3 or more

Standing: Frequent to Continuous

Walking: Frequent to Continuous

Sitting:  Occasional to Frequent

Lifting: Occasional to Frequent (ability to lift 50lbs+)

Carrying: Occasional

Twisting and Turning: Frequent

Reaching: Frequent         

Bending: Frequent

Pushing/Pulling: Frequent

Hand Movement: Manual dexterity


To Apply

If you would like to apply please submit a resume through the Apply Now section at the top right or send an email with resume to Resume Submittal for Electrical Technician.

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