Why the Wedge Elevator Works for High Volume Vertical Applications

Posted by Kevin Mauger | May 20, 2020 11:00:00 AM

The Wedge Elevator conveyor is designed to support high volume vertical conveying. Its small footprint conserves space, and its simple design efficiently lifts and/or lowers products quickly along the packaging line. We most frequently see our Wedge Elevators used over pathways, under another conveyor line, or to quickly change the orientation of a product or container (flip it over or face the opposing direction). 


Here’s how the Wedge Conveyor works in high capacity automated lines.



Products feed onto the Wedge Elevator with roughly a product length between them to allow proper space for the product to negotiate the curves. As a product, container, or tote approaches the Wedge Elevator from a horizontal conveyor, the two parallel FlexMove conveyors use urethane gripper chains, or “fingers,” to wedge the sides of the product from either side. This action quickly lifts or lowers it vertically from the initial horizontal conveyor onto a receiving conveyor.


There are four configurations available: 

  • “S” Configuration: elevates or lowers product to a conveyor at a different height
  • “C” Configuration: elevates or lowers product while flipping the product
  • “N” or “U” Configuration: elevates or lowers product to avoid a pathway or other obstruction
  • “O” Configuration: used as a unique conveyor extension to dry product or empty containers


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Benefits of the Wedge Elevator

Wedge Elevators are easy to construct, lightweight and have compact footprints. This makes them the ideal solution for transporting products from ground level to a high level (for example, using them for mezzanines or over operator aisle walkways) and from high level to ground level. The fact that the Wedge Elevator allows for continuous flow, compared to other reciprocating solutions that do not, makes it ideal for higher volume applications. They can be built differently for a variety of uses and are configurable to meet the demands of a high volume manufacturing environment. 


The Wedge Elevator’s unique, “finger”-like chains enable it to handle products of varying shapes and sizes, since the chains are flexible. As part of our FlexMove line, these flexible conveyors can also handle vertical transfer through a wheel corner or plain bend corner. 


NCC is a leader in assembling and incorporating FlexMove conveyors for high volume applications automation needs.


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Benefits of the FlexMove conveyor line


As a leader in FlexMove applications, we have experience using these conveyors in a number of environments. These are the benefits our high volume clients rave about most often:


  • FlexMove conveyors are flexible.They can be designed in a variety of sizes and are able to fit around tight corners. 
  • FlexMove conveyors accommodate limited space. They can fit into most very tight spaces and are built to use vertical space as well as horizontal space to enable efficient processes.
  •  FlexMove conveyors are configurable. A number of components, including the belt, drive, and guards, can be swapped out to make them work better for your product or environment.


Contact us today at (215) 721-1900 to see if the Wedge Elevator, or another FlexMove conveyor, is the right fit for your high volume line needs.


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Written by Kevin Mauger

Kevin Mauger started working for NCC the day after graduating from college and bought the company 12 years into his career. The company has grown roughly 600% since. In 2017, a dream came true, where in a Surprise Announcement to the company, he gave almost half of his company to the employees. His vision for NCC is to support the entrepreneurial spirit of his team and realizes his purpose is to create the perfect environment to do so. Personally, his life is centered around spending time with his family, figuring out a way to get out deep sea fishing, and supporting his Philadelphia Eagles.

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