What The Best Project Engineers Do To Get Their Conveyor Projects Approved

Posted by Les Patkos | Apr 30, 2019 9:09:00 AM

You may have designed the “perfect conveyor system”, but putting in the work is just the first step. For stakeholder signoff, you need a strong presentation. Strong presentations convey the primary benefits of a specific conveyor design to stakeholders.


  • Will it increase production?
  • Will this system allow us to produce products we lacked the infrastructure to produce before?
  • Will we be more efficient/effective?
  • Will this new system reduce our production costs


Articulate how your system addresses the main pain points of the end user. Convey how your system delivers value, and stakeholders will be more than happy to get the ball rolling!


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Topics: Conveyor System Design

Written by Les Patkos

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