How Do The Best Companies Simplify Their Training Process Within A Conveyor Line?

Posted by Les Patkos | May 2, 2019 10:37:00 AM

How are the best companies simplifying their production for easier training?



Companies are saving time and money on training by assigning a subject matter expert (SME). The SME serves as the trainer to teach the rest of the operators working on the conveyor line.

SMEs develop proficiency in all aspects of line operation, including:

  • The full operating process of the line
  • How to respond when alarms/warnings are displayed on the control system HMI

A good system is simple to operate. The process language provided on the HMI is easy to understand, with lots of graphics to explain how an operator should respond.

The first step is to train your SME-to-be. Once they’re the expert, they can become the trainer.  Train the trainer, and the trainer can train the operators. This is the most efficient method to onboard new operators, ensuring the system can always be properly operated, with minimal time/cost to the end user.


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Written by Les Patkos

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