3 Reasons Customers Love Multi-Strand Conveyors

Posted by Kevin Mauger | Dec 7, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Stainless steel conveyors are an excellent fit for washdown applications in food processing. When you need a stainless steel conveyor that can converge or diverge products, particularly wrapped or packaged food products, pallets, or totes, multi-strand conveyors meet the challenge head-on. 

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One of the best conveying mediums for washdown applications is a plastic modular belt. We find this used often with our multi-strand conveyor in food manufacturing spaces. We also see manufacturers using polycord, flexible round belting and sometimes knuckle chain or roller chain. Either can be used in our conveyors for similar results. 


People love the multi-strand conveyor for its cleanability, sanitary design, and stainless steel construction that brings it all together. 

Cleanability and Sanitary Design

Our multi-strand conveyor system has an open design, perfect for washdown conditions. There are no spots for debris or bacteria to be harbored or water and chemicals to sit after cleaning. It is simple and easy to keep this conveyor clean, day after day. 


Sanitary Design

NSE Multi-strand Conveyors_0To comply with requirements for many sanitary and washdown-compatible designs, we use welds instead of mechanical fasteners wherever possible to eliminate crevices. Additionally, our design for the multi-strand conveyor has open corners to prevent “blow-back” during washdown operations. Good design practices for sanitary, washdown conveyors also include minimizing horizontal surfaces (slightly inclined surfaces are preferred) to reduce or eliminate places where debris can accumulate and bacteria can grow - and we’ve done exactly that with our multi-strand conveyors.

Stainless Steel Construction

Additionally, the material of the entire frame is constructed with stainless steel, built to withstand the harshest conditions when cleaning. 

Specs to Know

Here are some specifications to know about our multi-strand conveyor: 

  • Can be built to any practical length and width
  • Tight transfer options
  • Drive options
    • End driven
    • Center driven

With a sanitary design, it is easy to see why manufacturers looking to converge or diverge products, packages, or totes on a line would choose the easy-to-clean, washdown compatible multi-strand conveyor. Learn more about washdown versus sanitary applications in our ebook, A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Using Stainless Steel Pallet Conveyors in Washdown Applications. 

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Written by Kevin Mauger

As President, Kevin Mauger leads new business growth and product development strategy to help customers increase profitability. NCC offers business units that provide product handling and integration solutions to a variety of industries including food, packaging, assembly automation and optical labs. Mauger started his career with NCC days after his college graduation in 1994 in the Applications Engineering department. In 2006, he purchased the company, instilled a new philosophy and has grown the company six-times over since. His vision for NCC is to create a positive and inspiring culture for both employees and customers. Mauger is a life-long Pennsylvanian. His childhood home was in Chalfont, PA and he graduated from Central Bucks High School West and attended University of Delaware. He currently resides in Lower Gwynedd, PA with his wife Danielle. He has three children: Kyle (28), Madison (25) and Kelsey (19).

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