NCC’s Project Methodology

The best way to mitigate risk is to follow a proven process to avoid the common pitfalls that derails projects.

NCC has developed a process for quickly implementing projects through its 30 years of experience in the automation industry

1. Define Success at the Beginning

  • Scope
    Define What is Included in System
    Define Scope with No Grey Areas
  • Cost
    Define Cost – Finalize Options
    Define Billing Schedule & Requirements
  • Schedule
    Define Key Milestone Dates
    Define End Date and PAT Schedule

2. Obtain Owner Participation

  • System Design – Have the owner review and approve System layout drawings and access
  • System Details – Have the owner review ergonomics, operator interfaces, and maintainability
  • Specifications – Have the owner acknowledge key decisions on materials and system components
  • Testing – Have the owner be part of the acceptance team

3. Execute Efficiently- Use Technology

  • Online meetings
  • Share documents effectively
  • Project Management Software

4. Test Before Shipping

  • Assemble to find potential problems
  • Test controls and programming
  • Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

5. Controlled Installation & Commissioning

  • Receiving
  • Installing
  • Commissioning

6. Comprehensive Training & Documentation

  • Pre-Installation Documentation – Preliminary System Manuals submitted to Owner PM for Review
  • Pre-Installation Training – Preliminary Equipment Manuals submitted to Owner PM for Review
  • Final Documentation – Mechanical and Electrical Design Drawings Submitted to Owner PM

7. Final Acceptance / Project Acceptance Testing (PAT)

  • PAT Document – Protocols and procedures are agreed to by all before test
  • PAT Execution – Testing is completed and witnessed by owner
  • PAT Sign-off – Obtain sign-off from Owner that project meets expectations

8. Ongoing Support After Completion

  • Service calls as needed
  • Documentation updates
  • Scheduled Equipment PM’s
  • Personal Visits to customer site
  • Follow-up calls and emails


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