On-site Services

Service Contracts

We realize that your investment in equipment is important. We also realize that your in plant mechanics may need some assistance from time-to-time in keeping the equipment functioning at 100%. A properly maintained system will last longer, run better, and maximize your investment.

NCC offers blocks of labor at reduced rates. We will come to your facility on a prescribed schedule and perform all scheduled maintenance tasks. Our technicians are trained professionals who are experienced on all types of material handling equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Normal lubrication
  • Check oil levels in gear boxes
  • Track conveyor belts
  • Tension conveyor belts
  • Check and adjust drive chains
  • Check and adjust pneumatic devices
  • Check and adjust sensors

Emergency Breakdown Service

  • Repair / Replace defective components
  • General mechanical repairs
  • Replace chains and belts
  • Replace defective electrical components


NCC offers complete training for all systems installed. We feel that the ultimate success of your project depends on the operators. NCC puts a high value on properly trained personnel to operate and maintain the equipment. Training includes:

Operations – Employees are trained how to properly start, stop, select options, recover from faults, and troubleshoot problems while operating the system in normal mode.

Maintenance – Operators and Mechanics are trained how to operate the system in maintenance mode, how to service equipment, perform normal service operations such as lubrication, how to adjust and fine tune sensors, and proper documentation of maintenance functions.

Sanitation- NCC trains employees on the proper way to prepare the equipment for cleaning and how to clean the equipment. Operators are shown what areas are important to watch and access for complete sanitation.

Safety – Safety is of the highest concern. All equipment is properly guarded and labeled. The training procedure reviews all safety precautions, proper safe operational procedures, proper safe maintenance techniques, and proper safe cleaning procedures.

O&M Manuals – supplied with equipment giving complete instructions on Operations, Maintenance, Sanitation and Safety.

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