Fabrication Shop Equipment

  • 3 Bridgeport manual mills
  • Manual lathe
  • 3 Miller TIG stations
  • 1 MIG stations
  • 2 horizontal drop style band saws
  • 2 chop saws

Flow Mach 4 Integrated Waterjet system

This is a 5 axis CNC with a 60,000 PSI pump sending water and abrasive through pretty much whatever it touches.  It will cut up to 6” thick marble and cuts at a tolerance of +/-.002”.  It can cut almost anything you can imagine, taking files directly from SolidWorks or AutoCAD.

AccurPress Press Brake Model 717512

This is a 175 ton, 2 axis CNC controlled press brake with crowning control. This will mainly be used to bend the things that the waterjet creates.

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