Controls Engineering

At NCC we have our own in-house Electrical Engineering and Controls Engineering department.

We also have our own Control Panel Shop and electricians to design and build control panels to your specifications and project requirements.

We use Allen-Bradley and PanelView as the NCC standard controls equipment on all projects.

Our controls division will design an integrated system for any project. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC`s) or PC’s can be used to control all equipment used in your Line.  Robotic programming, vision systems, and servo controlled equipment are supplied for applicable projects.

Machine/man interfaces can be supplied to allow for operator or management control levels.  Field wiring and debugging assistance can be supplied.

Electrical Engineering Services Offered

  • Electrical Design
  • PLC Programming
  • Vision Systems / Inspection Systems
  • On-Site and Phone Customer Support
  • Remote programming and diagnostics
  • Barcode integration
  • Integration with your business systems and hosts


Control Panel Building and Testing

Our shop supplies and builds panels that comply with all local and national codes.

Our experienced PLC programmers checkout each system before shipping and support the project through the field start-up process.

Examples of Control Equipment

Allen Bradley PLC & PanelView as NCC Standard

Panel View


 Control Panels


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