Optical Industry Processing Equipment

NCC has developed proven solutions for the optical industry. Some of these include stackers / destackers, shuttle systems, and tray turners.

  • Shuttle Sytems
  • Loop Systems
  • Vertical Transport Units
  • Tray Turners
  • Tray Stackers and Destackers
  • Auto TrayServer
  • Swarf Conveyors
  • Serpentine Conveyors


Automated solutions from de-box to tray-up, taping and blocking, generating and polishing, block wash up and surface inspection

Solid Model Renderings

NCC has the ability to provide solid model renderings of  your proposed lab automation layout, allowing your lab and employees to better visualize the end result.


From spot-up / finish blocking to robotic edging equipment dynamically balancing to bench utilizing LMS interface.

Host Interface

NCC has expertise interfacing with LMS systems in labs.  Through barcode interface, network integration and full understanding and compliance with the VCA Data Communication Standard, NCC can ensure proper tray routing for maximum lab efficiency.

Standard Optical Industry Products

NCC has developed many solutions for the optical industry.


NCC has the ability to perform real time lab simulations for labs, allowing us to collectively analyze designs, layouts and equipment mixes.

Vision Council Member

NCC is a proud member of The Vision Council, a non-profit organization committed providing better vision care for all people.  The Vision Council sets important standards for trays, interface and other areas key to success in automation.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)

AGV’s can be used as an alternative to carts that are pushed around manually.  They can also be a cost effective solution compared to conveyors in some instances.

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