NCC’s History

Watch the video to learn more about how NCC has grown over its 30 year history.

NCC started in 1986 as a specialty conveyor manufacturer servicing mainly Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. We quickly grew our organization and over the next few years expanded as a national supplier of quality custom conveying equipment.

In the early 1990’s, NCC formed major alliances with manufacturers of pre-engineered conveying equipment including Ermanco, Arrowhead, FlexLink, QC Industries, and Omni Conveyors winning national awards with several vendors for sales growth, volume and other capabilities.

In the 2000’s, NCC grew into a supplier of Complete Integrated Packaging Lines and became heavily involved in both the optical and solar industries. In addition to our base business, the packaging line integration, optical, and solar business units have become major pillars of our company and we have dedicated teams of specialists per industry. Our reach now extends all over North America and beyond that at times.

NCC’s relationships¬†with the above manufacturers have continued and in 2002 NCC also became a system integrator for Bosch with the VarioFlow product line. Bosch VarioFlow was a natural evolution from our 15 year experience as one of the top producing FlexLink System integrators. After having been the #1 Bosch VarioFlow integrator year after year, we have now moved the majority of our aluminum extruded chain conveyor to the FlexMove product line.

Our goal in any industry is to provide manufacturers with fully integrated complete systems, as a single supplier. NCC not only designs and supplies these systems but will commission the line with our team of professionals on site at your facility.

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